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Dining Out? 5 Tips For People With Hearing Loss To Combat Noise

Do you think that restaurants are becoming louder and noisier by the day? It is not your imagination! We, at Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, feel the same way. As per industry insiders, restaurants are deliberately creating louder environments for a number of reasons, ranging from fun to making customers linger. Having a normal conversation for people with normal hearing is difficult, we understand that challenge that people with hearing loss has to face. As a premier hearing aid clinic in Kolkata, we have put together a list of things that you can do to overcome this problem. Here, take a look at our tips.

# Carefully Choose Your Restaurant

You must consider more than just the food. The minimalist, modern décor may seem beautiful, but the hard surfaces and high ceilings can create a highly reverberant environment. The more reverberation and echo present, the difficult will it be for you to understand speech. Lighting is another factor as a well-lit place will let you understand non-verbal cues like, body language and facial expressions.

# Select A Booth Instead Of A Table, If Possible

The high backs of booths help to block some of the environmental sounds, which can potentially drown your conversation. Moreover, booth seating is generally made of soft material that helps in dampening the noise.

# Do Not Sit Near The Kitchen

Open kitchens are becoming popular in restaurants, but it is also the noisiest place. So, request to be seated as far away from the kitchen as possible. This way you can help hearing aids to work to its optimum.

# Sit Along The Perimeter Of The Room

Seating along the restaurant’s perimeter or the dining area’s wall is naturally quieter. In that position, all of the sounds will not be coming from all sides and will make it easier for you to tune out the sounds and focus on the conversation at your table.

# Sit With Your Back To The Room

Our digital hearing aids can make you hear better, but for an even better listening experience, sit with your back to the room or the noise.

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