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Benefits Of Small Hearing Aids

Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is a renowned and trusted audiology clinic with cutting-edge facilities for providing testing and fitting services. We carry a broad selection of hearing systems including digital and invisible hearing aids. Understanding the stigma and embarrassment that people attribute to hearing loss, we generally suggest small hearing systems to those who come to us like, ITC, ITE, IIC or CIC.

The reason why our small hearing aids can be immensely beneficial to you are given below.

Nearly or Completely Invisible: As these hearing systems are small in size, they remain hidden inside the ear and are nearly or completely invisible. They cannot be seen by people from outside and nobody has to know that you have a hearing problem. It also does not have any external wires or tubes that will make your weakness visible to others.

Lightweight: Small hearing aids are lightweight and they are customized to fit inside your ear canal. They are very comfortable to wear and you will face no discomfort even if you wear them all day. In fact, some of them can also be worn when you go for jogging or running.

Better Sound Transmission: Since our small hearing aids are very close to your eardrum, the system takes very little effort or power to transmit sound to your inner and middle ear. So, you are able to hear clearly without having to strain. You can also hear properly in crowded places like, restaurants.

Little Or No Feedback: Our small hearing aids offer as much natural sound as possible and there is little to no feedback or whistling sounds. This makes the hearing experience much superior.

Protects From Wind Or Outside Noise: As the hearing aids are fitted inside your ear canal, it stays protected by the outer ear that acts as a shield against wind sounds while you are enjoying outdoor activities. Due to their advantageous position, it will help you have better experience while you are using headsets or telephone.

Our smaller hearing systems are perfect for those suffering from moderate hearing loss. Talk to us to find out if it is the one for you.

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