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Bluetooth Technology And Hearing Aids – How Does That Help You?

The fundamental goal of hearing aids is to improve speech understanding. While that has not changed, manufacturers of hearing devices are now building advanced hearing systems with integrated Bluetooth technology so that speech from televisions, phones and other devices become more accessible to hearing aid users.

At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we carry a comprehensive range of digital hearing aids and bring to you some of the biggest names in the hearing aid manufacturing industry under one roof. So, you can find Bluetooth-enabled hearing systems for both Apple and Android phones.

However, you might wonder how the Bluetooth technology benefit you and your hearing loss. Here’s how.

Truly hands-free calls – Bluetooth hearing systems allow people to have clear, two-way conversations through their hearing devices. So, you can genuinely enjoy hands-free calling experience while leaving your phone on the countertop, purse or pocket.

Stream sound from TV – If you have hearing loss, you already know that watching TV with people around can get a bit problematic as you need the volume to be exceptionally high. This problem is solved with a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid as you can simply pair your television with your hearing system and be able to stream high-fidelity television-sound in stereo at your preferred volume. Moreover, you can experienced a marked different in understanding dialogues, especially when the characters in your favorite movie or series is talking really fast.

Whether you are having a one-on-one conversation or a group conversation, Bluetooth hearing aids allow you to hear better in a number of listening environments. As the sound is directly traveling inside your ear without any obstructions, you are capable of hearing clearly. These systems can be connected with not just TV, but your MP3 player and any other electronic device from where you can stream high-quality sound, films and music.

To find a professional and licensed hearing aid specialist who can fit you the best Bluetooth-enabled digital hearing aids, turn to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic. Our audiologists will also perform several tests to ascertain your hearing needs. Call us!

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