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Dementia And Hearing Loss – Ask Your Audiologist About Their Relationship

Research and studies reveal that untreated hearing loss leads to dementia. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we have come across a number of people who have ignored their hearing problems for years thinking that it is just one of the signs of aging. But, that’s not true.

If you do not treat hearing loss early on, the chances of developing dementia, as well as, Alzheimer’s disease is quite high as compared to people with normal hearing. A lot of people with hearing loss have to strain to hear in noisy situations like, meetings, places of worship and restaurants. Sometimes they even feel isolated from the rest. This social isolation has been linked to loss of language, memory, judgement and thinking. And, of course, constant straining to hear is quite stressful. It puts a load of load on the cognitive function of the brain and negatively affects thinking and memory, eventually leading to cognitive decline.

So, what can you do to slow the development and progression of dementia? The answer is quite simple – hearing aids in Kolkata.

When you wear hearing aids, you are no longer straining to hear sounds and you can even understand conversations clearly, both in noisy and quiet situations. Also, you can lead an active life, enjoy the company of family and friends, and be more social.

At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we believe that top-notch quality hearing aids can give you a new lease of life. You can have fun, enjoy social gatherings, exercise and go to restaurants and meetings as you did before. Also, your brain will thank you for it!

As one of the leading hearing aid dealers in Kolkata, we carry a broad selection of digital and invisible hearing aids from some of the top brands like, Phonak. You can drop down to our hearing aid clinic in Kolkata and get your hearing tested from our professional audiologists. Our professional hearing specialists will provide you a personalized solution based on your specific needs. So, get in touch and schedule an appointment with us.

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