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Do You Think You Have A Hearing Loss? Here’s What You Should Do

It is difficult to detect hearing loss sometimes. It can sneak up on you without your knowledge. In fact, your family and friends will probably be the first ones to notice.

At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we have often noticed that an average person waits for about seven to ten years before finally treating their hearing problem. This is sometimes due to stigma and sometimes due to not knowing what steps must be taken.

Given below are the first few steps that you need to take along your journey of hearing loss according to our audiologists.

# Hearing Test

The moment you realize that you are having difficulty hearing, you must see our hearing specialists. They will examine you physically and also perform a number of hearing tests to find out the degree and type of your loss. Once they confirm that you have hearing loss, you will move into the next phase of the treatment.

# Try A Hearing Aid

Once hearing loss is confirmed, our audiologist will recommend you hearing systems. We have a broad selection of digital and invisible hearing aids. Our hearing specialists offer fitting services to make sure that the system fits perfectly and meets your specific needs. The fitting services also ensures that you feel comfortable wearing the system throughout the day. However, even after the final selection, you must come to see our specialists in a week or two so that they can make the necessary adjustments and also fine-tune the settings.

# Be Open Regarding Your Hearing Loss

Remember that hearing loss is not a stigma and it is actually more common than what you think. You need to be open about it and not become anti-social due to your hearing issue. You must not pull yourself away from social gatherings as that may lead to depression.

If you want help to ease your hearing loss journey, contact Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic. We will make your journey easy and provide you with the best hearing systems to make you hear better.

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