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Everything You Need To Know About Lyric – Phonak’s 100% Invisible Hearing System

Hearing systems come in different colors and sizes to suit individual styles and tastes. But, mostly people want a hearing solution that will be completely hidden from the prying eyes. We, at Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, have some news for you – the wait for the best invisible hearing aid in Kolkata is over because Phonak has recently launched Lyric.

Yes, Lyric, this is one of the most awaited Phonak invisible hearing aids in Kolkata. The system is to be placed inside the ear canal and it stays absolutely out of sight. So, when you wear Phonak’s Lyric, you can walk around confidently knowing that the people looking at you are unaware of your hearing loss. You can live a fulfilling life without your hearing issue ruining it in some way.

So, excited to know more about Lyric? Here, take a look.

Clear Hearing In The Most Challenging Environments

Lyric is a masterpiece from the house of Phonak that delivers natural, clear sound. This devices uses the ear’s natural anatomy to amplify sound and provide a natural listening experience. Since the device is placed near the eardrum by our audiologists, you will be able to hear clearly even if you are in a busy restaurant or walking on a busy street.

Zero Maintenance

With Lyric, you do not have to worry about maintenance. This device does not come with a battery that you have to change to be able to hear properly. The batteries can last for several months. However, you must come to our hearing aid centre to get an approximation of the number of months that it will last you before you have to see us again.

Perfect For Active Individuals

This is one such hearing aid that will not be a hindrance to your active lifestyle. You can participate in various sports activities and can even keep it on while wearing a helmet. Since the device is water-resistant, you can even take showers while it is still inside your ear. However, you cannot swim because the device isn’t waterproof.

Want to get Lyric for yourself? Visit our hearing aid clinic in Kolkata.

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