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Hearing Aid Accessories Is The Secret To Enhancing Your Hearing

Most invisible hearing aid in Kolkata are designed to work in a radius up to twelve feet. These are personal amplification device and can help you hear better if you are suffering from hearing loss. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we believe that hearing systems work really well at helping you hear clearly with the help of hearing aid accessories in Kolkata. To that end, we not only carry a wide range of digital programmable hearing aids, but also different hearing aid products to help enhance your hearing experience.

Want to know how accessories help the hearing device in doing an ever better job? Here’s how.

Busy Restaurants

Busy restaurants can be a real challenge for those with hearing loss. There are so many different kinds of noises that you might have a hard time following the conversation, even with a Phonak digital hearing aid. By getting a remote microphone for your hearing system and placing it on the table, you can give your full attention to the conversation at the table and drown all the background noises.

Phone calls

It can be a daunting task to hear clearly on the phone. With hearing aid accessories in Kolkata, you can directly send calls to your hearing aid. There are accessories available for both iPhone and Android devices. We also have Bluetooth-enabled devices that make sure to enhance the ability to talk and hear on the phone.

TV And Home Media

One of the most common reasons why people seek Phonak digital hearing aids in Kolkata is because family members are complaining of the television volume being too high. We have accessories that can connect to your TV, as well as, other types of media and send the signals directly to your hearing systems. You can adjust the volume to a level that is comfortable to you and your family members can listen at a volume that they are comfortable with.

So, why don’t you check out our range of accessories for your hearing aid? Our audiologist doctors in Kolkata can assist you in making the right choice.

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