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Hearing Aid Rechargeability Is Real: Phonak Shows The Way

Consumers across the world have become accustomed to lithium-ion battery technology – the watch on your wrist, the phone in your pocket and the laptop on your desk. Lithium-ion batteries’ proliferation is not a coincidence as these batteries provide an unmatched combination of power and energy density. Even though rechargeable hearing aids have been in the market for years, they weren’t the best performers and would leads users to return to their old hearing aid in frustration. Inconsistent power output, short battery life and malfunction were some of the problem with non-lithium-ion powered hearing devices. Lithium-ion powered systems have only been available for about 2 years and Phonak is at the helm of driving this new generation of rechargeable hearing systems.

Phonak’s rechargeable hearing aids can last an entire day and more (up to 36 hours). Also, the manufacturer has made sure that there is consistent power output so that users do not experience any of the intermittence or malfunctions of the older models.

No More Opening And Closing Of Battery Door

Hearing aids equipped with fully-integrated lithium-ion battery do not even have a battery door. So, no more opening and closing of the battery door and worrying of moisture corroding the battery contacts. This is a welcome protection for people living in humid environment or for those who perspire profusely. The hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak says that the batteries will last for about 6 years, which is long enough for users to get a new hearing aid before the batteries go caput.

You can charge Phonak’s new hearing aids using the charging options that the manufacturer has come up with. The manufacturer provides a main charger, which is the charger case that is equipped with a hearing aid dryer. So, moisture-related concerns can be minimum.

Are you interested in trying out Phonak’s new rechargeable hearing aids? Head to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic. We carry an exceptional selection of Phonak hearing aids and we are confident that you will find something that suits your needs. Set up an appointment with our audiologist for hearing test and fitting, and we will give you the best solution to your hearing problem.

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