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Hearing aids with Bluetooth technology is giving new hope to people with hearing loss

Improving speech understanding has always been the fundamental goal of hearing aids. While this has not changed, manufacturers of hearing systems are now embedding Bluetooth technology into the hearing devices for advanced hearing experiences. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we carry a broad selection of digital hearing aids and believe that this advance in technology is a boon for people with diminished hearing.

With the help of Bluetooth technology, hearing aid users are able to clearly hear speech from televisions, phones and such other devices. Thanks to our advanced systems, you can enjoy a clear phone call with your loved ones. These innovative systems are driving better hearing experience in the following ways:

Hearing Systems Connect Directly to Bluetooth-enabled Phones

Hearing aids can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled Android or iPhone phones directly. It can even connect to any classic flip phone that has Bluetooth technology.

Our Hearing Systems Offer Hands-free Call Facility

On our hearing aids, you will find built-in microphones that automatically pickup voice and allow people to enjoy a 2-way conversation, via their hearing systems. This way you can actually enjoy a truly hands-free calling experience and not have to touch your phone at all. So, whether you are driving or need to make a phone call while your hands are occupied, you can now do all of that and more.

Wireless Stereo Sound is Streamed Directly from TV

Do you hate watching the TV because of your diminished hearing? Do you have to strain too much? The volume of the TV will no longer be a problem because our digital hearing aids allows you to stream audio effortlessly and have a clear listening and watching experience. You will be able to better understand the dialogues and enjoy yourself.

Why don’t you come to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic to check out our latest digital hearing systems? We also have invisible hearing aids that you can wear comfortably and nobody will know of your hearing problem. Set up an appointment with our audiology specialist, today!

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