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How to clean hearing aids at home?

Hearing aids need to be cleaned from time to time because a portion of the system sits inside the ear. So, an accumulation of earwax and sweat is inevitable. If you want to use your hearing aids for a long time, it is recommended that you come to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic and let our deep cleaning professionals do their job. Since these systems involve quite a lot of technology in a very tiny package, it can easily get damaged if not handled or cleaned properly.

Besides professional deep cleaning, your hearing aids also need regular maintenance and you must have proper care procedures in place. Given below are the cleaning suggestions and tips from our expert team so that you can keep your digital or invisible hearing aids in good shape in between professional appointments.

Wipe with a dry, soft cloth: Wipe the outer casing of your hearing system using a dry, soft cloth. Gently wipe all the grime and dirty from the outside of your system. Do not use any wet clothes or any kind of chemicals and alcohol.

Clean by removing the ear molds: If your hearing system is a BTE or RIC model featuring removable ear molds, you must take them off prior to cleaning. Once you have removed the molds, they can be washed with warm water and a gentle soap. Before reattaching the molds, make sure that they are completely dry.

Adopt preventative and healthy habits: This is one of the best ways to ensure that your hearing aids are in top-notch condition. Remove your hearing system for your hygiene routine in the morning, as well as, at night. When taking a shower, keep them outside in order to prevent contamination with water.

Cleaning hearing aids on your own can be a seriously daunting task, especially because you cannot make a mistake. Since the hearing systems are already so small and delicate, you need to fully concentrate when cleaning them. So, make sure that you clean your aids regularly as per the above-mentioned tips. In case you need more help, Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic’s professionals are here for you.

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