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Maintenance tips – how to take care of your hearing aids?

Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic offers a wide range of digital and invisible hearing aids that can genuinely impact your everyday life. However, to get the most out of your hearing system, our audiologists recommend that you take good care of them. Our hearing aids are robust, but they are not immune to damage. If you are using our hearing system and want to keep them in the best possible condition for as long as possible, follow the given maintenance tips.

  1. Safe storage: When you are not wearing your hearing aid, you need to store them safely. Hearing systems work well when they are stored in a dry place. So, make sure to keep them away from moisture.
  2. Clean the hearing aids: Our hearing specialists will give you a demonstration of how you can keep your hearing devices clean when you will come for your fitting service. Since the hearing systems are in a moist, waxy location inside your ear, it is common for dirt and wax to collect in some of the components of the device. You must clean them frequently in order to prevent the build-up of debris. This will enhance the efficacy of the device. Make use of a soft cloth to clean your hearing devices.
  3. Change the batteries: Typically, the batteries of a hearing aid will last you for about two weeks. When you come to take your hearing systems from us, our audiologist will show you the process of changing the battery. You must change the battery so that the device functions to its optimal. If you have any questions, you are welcome to ask our specialists.
  4. Check in with our hearing specialists: You must not take your hearing for granted and when using hearing aids, it is a good thing to check in with a professional audiologist on a regular basis. We will ensure that your device is working fine and you are able to hear perfectly.

So, do you need more information on how to care for your hearing systems? Give us a call!

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