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Oticon ConnectClip – Get More From Oticon Opn

Oticon Opn hearing aids continue to be one of the most popular hearing systems on the market thanks to its powerful hearing clarity. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we carry a broad selection of hearing devices from this manufacturer, along with accessories like, Oticon ConnectClip. With a ConnectClip, you can enhance your hearing in the following ways.

  • Enjoy hands free calls: The ConnectClip can answer calls and even act like your microphone so that you do not have to take out your phone from your pocket. Both Android and iPhone users can enjoy this benefit.
  • Stream audio: This feature is exclusively for Android phone users. ConnectClip allows you to enjoy podcasts, music, YouTube videos and even stream calls from any Android phone. You can actually use ConnectClip as an intermediary streaming device.
  • Hear better when there is background noise: Oticon claims that its multiple speaker access technology is one of the best. But, even then, it is always better to hear clearly when there is background noise with a remote microphone. All you have to do is place the ConnectClip onto the dress or shirt of the person whom you want to hear clearly. This will help in cutting all the background noise and making you hear clearly.
  • Change settings secretly: The ConnectClip has volume and program buttons on its sides so that you can change the settings without even looking. This is beneficial when you are on a call and wish to change the settings to be able to hear properly.
  • Stream audio from Bluetooth device: Even today, Bluetooth is considered to be the universal standard and one of the primary ways to access audio streams from devices, other than Apple. You can use the ConnectClip to stream audio from any Bluetooth device of your choice.

Do you have a ConnectClip? If not, it is time to upgrade your Oticon Opn hearing aid with cutting-edge accessory. You can check out Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic’s amazing selection of Oticon hearing aid accessories and consult with our audiologist to clear all of your doubts.

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