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Signs that you need to repair or replace your hearing aid

Hearing systems are extremely useful devices and they improve one’s ability to hear. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we provide a wide range of hearing aids including digital and invisible devices. Even though our devices are robust, they still need proper maintenance and repairs. Some of the signs indicating that you need to repair or replace your hearing aid are given below.

  1. Physical damage: This one’s easy. If your device has been physically damaged, you need to see our audiologists right away. Even if the crack seems to be minor, the damage that it has caused might be serious. So, whether it a snapped hook or an issue with the tube that connects the inner piece to the outer piece, you need to get it checked.
  2. Device covered in earwax: This is actually more common than you’d imagine. If you are someone who wears hearing aids all the time, it should not come as a surprise to find your device covered in earwax. There might be earwax around the little pieces or in the tubing. You can try cleaning the earwax off your device by using a soft cloth. However, if it doesn’t work, schedule an appointment with Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic.
  3. Buzzing noise: So, your device physically looks fine and it may even switch on without any problem. But, if you hear a constant buzzing or ringing noise, the device needs repair. In some cases, the noise may just be an indication of low battery, but there may also be technical issues. Bring it to us and we will thoroughly check and correct the problem with your device so that you can hear perfectly.
  4. Device switches off randomly: This is one of the clearest signs that your device definitely needs to be repaired or replaced. If even after charging the device, it tends to switch off randomly, you need to quickly come see us.

So, is your hearing aid facing any or all of the above-mentioned issues? If yes, Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic’s audiologists are only a phone call away.

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