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Signs That Your Hearing Aid Is In Need Of Repair

Millions of people across the globe are reliant on hearing aids. These devices do not only make life easier for those with hearing loss, but also make their life more safe and enjoyable. However, irrespective of how beneficial they are, they are subject to wear and tear. After a few years of use, it is important that you come to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic. We are a hearing aid clinic in Kolkata specializing in repairing hearing aids of various manufactures including Phonak, Oticon, Resound, Alps and more.

There are several factors that can contribute to your hearing system needing repairs including exposure to water, wax buildup and excessive humidity. When the damage happens, you can visit our audiologist and get it fixed. Below given are some of the signs to look out for.

Physical Defects

Broken or worn out components of your hearing system can hinder the performance and the fit. Some of the physical defects could be worn out tubing, cracks in the model shells, broken case or a broken body of the hearing aid. You must fix these defects right away so that you can avoid costly replacements later on. We have Phonak hearing aid repair parts and can make your hearing system as good as new. You can also find repair parts of other hearing aid manufacturers.

Fluctuating Volume

A hearing system is made in such a way that you are able to easily adjust the volume to your desired level. In case you notice that you are unable to make such adjustments, it might be an indication of some internal problem cropping up. You must bring it to our audiologist right away.

Whistling Sound

Is your hearing aid making a continuous whistling sound? This may indicate that you have not fitted the hearing system properly, there is wax in your ears or there is some fault in the hearing aid. You can remove the device, clean your ears and put it back again. However, if the whistling sound persists, it is best to come to our Resound hearing aid service center.

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