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Top 4 Fantastic Hearing Aid Styles to Choose From

Today, suffering from hearing impairment is no more a social taboo. You don’t even have to withdraw yourself from your friends and neighbors because powerful, technologically advanced hearing aids are easily available. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we offer testing and fitting services, and provide you a wide selection of hearing aids. Below are some of the styles that you can choose.

digital programmable hearing aids in kolkataBehind-the-ear aids: Most parts of this hearing aid are contained in a plastic case and it rests behind the ear. The case is connected to an earpiece by clear tubing’s piece. Since this style accommodates excellently with different types of earmold, this style is recommended for children. These hearing systems can be handled and cleaned easily, and they are quite sturdy.

invisible hearing aids in kolkataOn-the-ear aids: These hearing aids also fit behind or on the ear, but it is smaller. They are extremely thin and an almost invisible tube is used to connect the hearing aid to the ear canal. These hearing systems not only enhance the comfort, but also reduce feedback and address all the cosmetic concerns that you might have.

best invisible hearing aid in kolkataIn-the-ear aids: All the parts of this hearing system are embodied in a shell that fills the outer part of your ear. This style is a bit bigger that in-the-canal, as well as, completely-in-the-canal aids. These systems are easier to handle for some people than smaller aids.

cheap hearing aids in kolkataIn-the-canal and completely in-the-canal aids: If you are looking for invisible hearing aids, our in-the-canal and completely in-the-canal hearing systems are the perfect option for you. These hearing systems sit comfortably in your ear and does not cause any discomfort. They are also devoid of any kind of feedback that may hinder your hearing ability.

So, if you are having issues hearing clearly, come to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic and get your ears checked. We will recommend you the best hearing aid for your specific problem. With our hearing systems, you no longer have to be alienated, but be able to enjoy your social life like nothing has happened.

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