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What To Do If You Are Seeing Signs Of Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is not particularly an age-related issue, but hearing ability typically starts depreciating during the 30s. Since the decline is slow and gradual, it is barely noticeable. However, the people around you will be able to notice the signs of hearing loss like:

  • Asking people to repeat information more than once
  • Increasing the volume of radio or TV to a level that is uncomfortable for normal hearing
  • Social gatherings do not interest you anymore

When you notice the signs of hearing loss, the first step is to come to Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic and get a hearing test. Do not just assume that you need a hearing aid. Declining hearing might be an early sign of something more serious and so, a hearing test is a step towards overall good health. Hearing tests do not take a very long time and it will give you a deep insight into your well-being.

After the test, our hearing specialist will recommend you the best hearing aid as per your level of hearing loss. At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we carry a broad selection of hearing systems including digital and invisible hearing aids. Our hearing aid suggestions are typically based on the following factors:

  • Result of the hearing test that determines how mild or severe the hearing loss is
  • Lifestyle – whether you lead an active lifestyle or sedentary
  • The size of your ear as invisible hearing aids are usually fitted inside the ear canal and not everyone feels comfortable wearing them
  • Your budget

Our specialists carry out a thorough fitting service to make sure that the hearing system you choose is the right one for you. Hearing systems are something that you will be wearing all the time, and therefore, it needs to be super comfortable. If you face any discomfort during the fitting session, do not hesitate to let our hearing specialist know.

So, give Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic a call today to schedule an appointment. Good hearing can improve the quality of your life and we are here to help.

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