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Hearing Aid Doctors’ Speak

Comments made by E N T Doctors

“I have been associated with SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC for a decade. I have a great trust in them and their results of investigation. They are doing a valuable service for the general public. I wish them well for their future program & Success.”

Dr K K Chhachoria – Consultant ENT Surgeon Attached with Rehatbai Vadnagarwala Maternity & Nursing Home

Happy 24th year of SRAVANI with best wishes. “

Dr Rajarshi Poddar – Consultant ENT surgeon & Microsurgery Specialist

“I know SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC for nearly 25yrs, since its inception. People of this organization is giving an excellent service to the neediesata very reasonable cost and I am proud to say that no complain against them is heard by me at anytime lean remember.”

Dr Tapan Kumar Niyogi – Consultant ENT Surgeon

“I know Sravani hearing aid clinic for last ten years. They are efficiently and correctly doing all audiological investigation in a cheaper rate. They have very good stock of hearing aids of most modern variety. There dealings with the doctors and patients are very pleasant. I wish them good success in future.”

Dr S N Mukherjee – ENT Specialist in Microsurgery

“Heartiest congratulation to Sravani Hearing Aid clinic, 32 Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kol- 700004. I am associated with this clinic for many years and their services (Audiometry, Tympanometry, BERA, ENG, Hearing Aid sale and service) are excellent. They have an excellent team of staff providing excellent services. I wish them all success in their mission to serve the humanity.”

Dr Sanjay Kumar Gupta – Consultant ENT Surgeon & PhysicianAttached with Islamia Hospital

“ I am glad to know that SRAVANI the renowned Audiological & Speech Clinic is completing 23 yrs. Audiological and Speech Centre has got a great role in the treatment of ear diseases & in treating deaf patients. Now a day’s so many Audilogical clinics have come up without proper Audiological & Infrastructural Backup. As a result reports we are getting is misleading and it creates confusion in terms of treatment & proper management. Sravani set an example of an ideal centre which served the suffering humanity properly and scientifically. I wish every success.”

Dr Debasish Mukherjee – ENT Surgeon Head of the Dept Sambhu Nath Pandit Hospital

“It gives me great pleasure to state that SRAVANI hearing aid clinic is a well organized setup. All sorts of Audiological tests done here are very appropriate and carry excellence and also reasonable to the patient economy. I wish maximum prosperity for this testing centre.’

Dr Gopa Dasgupta – Consultant ENT and General Physician, Attached to Dr M N Chatterjee Eye Hospital

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is a reliable centre for Audio- Vestibular tests and Hearing aid sales and services. I know the centre for last 10 yrs. I pray to God for its glorious and prosperous development.”

Dr Asok Kumar Sana –  Consultant ENT & Head Neck Surgeon, Attached to ENT Dept Medical College, Kolkata

“I know Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic for longtime. I appreciate their service to patients. Any audiological investigation and any type of Hearing Aid dispensed by this centre are reliable. I wish the success of the centre.”

Dr Tarun Palit – Consultant ENT Surgeon

“Sravani had been providing good quality service consistently for so many years-1 wish all success and further improvement in forthcoming years.”

Dr Dipankar Dutta – Consultant ENT & Head- Neck Surgeon, Attached with AMRI Clinic, Belle Vue Clinic

“My short association with SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC has found their service to be efficient reliable and cost effective.”

Sarmistha Bandyopadhyay – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with Bhagirathi Neotia Women & Child Centre, N G Nursing Home & Health Point Nursing Home

“I know SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC for a long time. They perform hearing tests sincerely for a long period of time. I wish all success to them I also look forward for their further improvement.”

Dr Daipayan Mukherjee – Attached with R G Kar Medical College

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic happens to be a reputed clinic in the Vestibular diagnosis & Hearing Aid dispensing. Located at the busy intersection of Shyambazar in Central Kolkata. The clinic does audiological investigations like Audiometry, Impedance Audiometry, BERA and vestibular investigations like Electrosystemography. The clinic functions with dedicated and qualified audiologist and speech language pathologist. The Clinic has infrastructure of speech and voice therapy and regularly does this job for neurological speech defects, Vocal field disorder therapy and also for post cochlear implant rehabilitation. In its hearing Aid section- Hearing Aid trial facilities for aided and unaided audiogram with free field assessment are regular features of the clinic. The clinic also deals with post sale service for the hearing aids.”

Dr Biswarup Mukherjee – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with AMRI Hospital and Clinic

“My best wishes to SRAVANI, 32 Bhupen Bose Avenue, Kol-4, for o the their service to the sufferers from Ear problems, at the eve of entering 25th year in their service to mankind.”

Dr Samiran Roy – Consultant ENT Surgeaon, Attached with Sagar Dutta Hospital

“Sravani is a well equipped Hearing Aid and Hearing Test centre. Their Performance is most satisfactory. I wish all success in future.”

Dr A M Saha – Consultant ENT Surgeon, Attached with CMRI and Nighangle Hospital

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is well known to me for a longtime. Their Sincere approach to face human problem is praise worthy. My all best wishes are with them for all the time.”

Dr Sunit Kumar Ghosh – Consultant ENT Surgeon

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is one of the oldest clinic in Kolkata. For a long period of time they are providing Audio Vestibular Test with a quite Success. I know this clinic for last 10yrs. I wish them all the success in the years to come.”

Dr Dhiraj Roy – Consultant ENT Surgeon


Comments from Hospitals & Clinic we are attached with :

“SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC is a most ultra-modern clinic well known for its personalized & high quality service. They have been associated with us since last 2years & giving service to the patient who have been diagnosed hearing problem in our clinic. I wish them all success in the future.”

Mr A K Malawat – General Manager, AMRI Clinic, Kolkata

“Rehabilitation of the hearing handicapped involves art and skill supported by technology. Providing hearing aid to an individual is only a small part of this process. Hearing aid fitment is not synonymous with prescription of glasses. It is important that the correct patient be counseled properly at every stage. SRAVANI HEARING AID CLINIC has been associated with our institution for several years now. They have been supplying hearing aids to our patients who have been very satisfied. They have qualified and trained staffs who visit us regularly. They also provided home service wherever required. Their dedication and good services have seen them grow and expand. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.”

Col (Dr) A K Das – Head of Department (ENT), Command Hospital, Kolkata

“Audiology and Speech language pathology is a branch of rehabilitation field. The main work of this field is to serve rehabilitate people who has speech or hearing problem. Now there is lots of clinic available in India for this purpose, Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, is one of them. It is an excellent & well equipped centre. People who come there with their complain (Speech or Hearing Problem ) are really benefited from this centre. It is a well known centre in Kolkata. I Personally wish them to go ahead in this field and lastly all the best to working members of this clinic.”

Aparajita Debnath – BASLP (C. U.), MASLP ( WBHS )


Audiologist Statements :

“Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic is a popular clinic in Kolkata. It is located strategically in a good communication area. Every type of hearing tests and therapy are done here. The Staffs are very co-operative among them and also with patients. Really I am very happy to work with this clinic. I always pray to God for bright future of this clinic. I wish them more success in the future.”

Bimba dhar Samantaray – DDRC 24 Pgs (N), Audiologist, NIOH

“Service to mankind is service to God and this phrase is appropriate for Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic. It serves people for last 23 years and I felt proud to be a part of this clinic. I wish all the success.”

Suresh Prasad Dash – Audiologist & Speech Language Pathologist

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