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Interton Hearing Aids

Interton Hearing Aids Dealers and Accessories

Dealing with hearing loss? At Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic, we are dedicated to provide you the very best solution for your hearing needs. We carry a broad range of Interton hearing aids in different styles and have emerged as one of the top-notch Interton hearing aid dealers in Kolkata.


Interton hearing systems and Interton hearing aid accessories are specifically designed and engineered to make life convenient and easy for people suffering from hearing loss. This manufacturer packs 2.4 GHz connectivity in its industry leading systems. The manufacturer has also introduced Made for Apple feature that is making it convenient for users to easily stream music and calls directly from their Apple devices to their hearing systems. The various types of hearing aids provided by this brand include receiver in the ear, behind the ear, completely-in-the-canal, in-the-ear and other types of customized hearing aids. Furthermore, Interton’s hearing aids are far from old-fashioned. They showcase modern designs and come with features needed by the people of today. Their devices are sleeker and hidden from gaze.


We Provide Maintenance Services


Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic not only offers Interton hearing aids, but we are also a trusted Interton hearing aid service center. When you come to us for repairs, you can be sure that we will help you with genuine Interton hearing aid parts so that your device works effectively. We only work with certified and professional technicians who have in-depth knowledge on how to repair and maintain hearing systems and accessories.

Do you wish to get an idea of the Interton hearing aid prices? You can contact Sravani Hearing Aid Clinic without any hesitation. We can also schedule you for a testing and fitting service to ascertain your level of hearing loss and the device that suits your lifestyle and needs the best. You can be assured of getting the best price quote.



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